An arranged confusion

Two families gather, a guy and a girl meet, lot of discussions take place and finally everyone disperses. Few more days are spent in horoscopes, taking concurrence from other members of the family and whole lot of other decision-making processes. Finally, the guy says yes and the girl is all the more happy (or at least she seems so).

A day before the guy’s parents are to leave to fix the engagement date, a stranger meets up with the prospective groom (PG) just to tell him, “Sir, am in love with the girl. Please help me”. A little chat with the prospective bride gives no indication to negate the stranger’s words. What can the PG possibly do under such a circumstance?

I can understand that confronting parents might not be an easy task. But, why drag an innocent guy and the family behind him into your story. You are not only putting a blameless guy into lot of emotional stress, but also an entire close knit family under tremendous pressure.

When you meet the guy/girl in private for 5 mins, you need not try to understand the other person completely. The least you can do is at least come out with any grievance you might have against going ahead with the proposal.

P.S. This is a true incident as old as just a week in my friend’s life.