As soon as I read this couple of days back, I have been way too excited The last time I had such a crush on a heroine was after “Poovey Poo chooda va”. I remember, as a teenager, how shy I was to walk across to Nadhiya for an autograph when I saw her in Anna University.

Incidentally, this time around, the crush is on Nadhiya’s costar ASIN.

I have seen just one movie of hers and I simply fell for the “Aiyoda” girl. For a change, Gajini, Maja, Sivakasi, and Godfather are in my list of must see movies not for the heroes, but for the strikingly beautiful and remarkably vivacious ASIN.

Today, I had my list of questions to ask her on chat. However, knowing that my chances of getting a response were bleak, I changed my plan. I paced across all the blocks to peep into the conference room from where she was chatting. I have never done this to anyone else before. I could realize my teenage timidity making a comeback. I just had a glimpse of her. My day was made.

I came back to my desk humming, “Aiyo Aiyo un kangal aiaiyo, un kangal kanda neyrathil yelaamey aiaioo”.

Picture courtesy : That's telugu