SMS - Simple Morning Sweetness

“All mornings are like paintings – You need little inspiration to get going, a smile to brighten it and a message from someone who cares to color your day… GOOD MORNING”

Is it not nice to wake up to such a nice sms in the morning? Really does make your day. And of course it did make mine today. But, when I looked around me, what I saw – dresses strewn all over, chaos and confusion from the office going folks in drawing room, couple of missed calls from office, and nine on the clock – only prompted me to respond with this message.

"All mornings are like reality – You have to brush your teeth, have coffee, take a shower, get ready for work and head towards office… GOOD MORNING”

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day !

More Morning sms :)

In an attempt to keep it short,
here's me wishing you from my heart.
In an attempt to keep it simple,
here's me wishing you peace and good will.
In an attempt to keep it sweet,
here's me sending you a message so neat.
In effect, in an attempt to KISSS,
here's me sending you a good morning wish.

The sun woke up and thought of rising.
The birds woke up and thought of chirping.
The buds woke up and thought of blooming.
So, it’s only natural I woke up and thought of you.

Start your day with
Wonderful thoughts, and
Beautiful people.
So here I am, starting mine with
A wish for you.
Have a wonderful day.

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