A letter to the Mahathma

Dear Father,

“If they want to know real freedom, they have got to come to India. I am not arrogant. I am not a proud man. I know the distinction between pride, arrogance, insolence and so on”.
In your words, we see the true spirit of Indian independence that you dreamt of and always strived for. Today, we are liberated, 'only' from the clutches of Englishmen and from the monstrous acts they inflicted upon us.

58 years have passed and we are still grappling in darkness. We are still waiting for the dawn that will see this nation rise from ashes. Englishmen have been ousted, instead self-made moral policemen and narrow-minded ethical lawmakers have mushroomed all across this Republic. “Taking long strides towards future without begetting trouble to fellow mortals”, is what we have heard freedom is all about. But today, we are running back into the past, chased away by hooligans donning the mask of reformers.

Millions from India’s vast population are below poverty line today, the country has serious public health challenge with AIDS, communal riots take our lives into the dangerous lane, rape and discrimination of women are still posing a threat. Should these not be in our radar?

They are forgetting the millions who struggle to make their ends meet. And they focus on select few self-reliant, modern day partygoers. They overlook those who still don’t have that bit of clothing to hide their essentials. And they target the innocent, fashionable students in their comfortable wears. Rapists go unharmed for their act of desperation. And their spotlight is on undisruptive valentines expressing love in its purest form.

Weeds and wild flowers are no more amidst us. Today, they have taken over the entire plantation, throwing their weight around on simple flora and gentle saplings. When this country is seeing rebirth of prehistoric morons with minds so narrow and thoughts so backward, we await your reincarnation to save this country from the dogs and weed out the unfairness shown towards us.

While we wish you Happy Birthday, we wish for your comeback.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. :)
    U need to publish a book with all ur articles somu!

  2. Good one! Do you think Gandhiji will survive in today's society?

  3. Fantastic letter to Father of the Nation...
    Felt the undercurrent of your post!Whether Gandhiji will survive in today's society or not..but the insight is understood...
    Nice tribute to our Gandhiji...keep it up!

  4. great personality indeed...and ur letter is excellent...great post...

  5. Somu K,

    Nice one!:-)

    I was just thinking why we never write letters to ourselves:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  6. excellent post on Gandhi jayanthi, somu.

    I wish your wish becomes true.. which is mine as well.

  7. @Mridu
    Ithu Konjam overthaan ! ;o)

    Thanks. Well maybe the Gandhi the way he was cannot survive... When times change, the gandhian ideology might change to too...

    Thanks a lot ! Well, it was incidental that all this had to happen few days before Gandhi Jeyanthi :o)

    Oh Yeah... A great personality and an inspiration to many ! Thanks for the feedback :o)

    Blame it on e-mails, chat applications and other such stuffs...

    Am glad you share my dream :o) Let's just hope for the best... Am sure we can only pour our emotions in writing... Not everything wud see the light of life !

  8. You're right on the button with your thoughts, Somu. As is oft said, Bapu must be rolling in his grave seeing the atrocities that are being committed in the name of democracy! Had he foreseen what people have become and the nation has turned into, I wonder if he would have fought for independence, at all! :(
    HUH! For your info, the word verification is drtGODSE!

  9. nice read somu....if every one realises his responsibilities... there is no Gandhi required...

  10. nice read somu....if every one realises his responsibilities... there is no Gandhi required...

  11. if Gandhi was given a choice to come back, I am not too sure he would given the current state of things :(

  12. @Ravi
    Well as they always say fighting an enemy amongst us is easier than fighting enemies outside, for we know for sure who they are. Considering the difficulties the modern day reformers pose, am not too sure if he wud wanna come back and cleanse the so called democrasy !

    Lol @ Godse. Like google ads, the choise of words in verification is also from the post ?

    Thanks Sophie. Your line reminds me of

    "If you wanna make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change"

    True. I guess my response to this would be pretty much is the same lines as my response to Ravi's comment :o)

  13. the least we could do is to not encourage corruption/bribe...


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