We will we will blog you !

Better late than never:

I don't have anything against IIPM, nor do I have anything for Gaurav / Rashmi. However, what I do have is a common link between two of those three... and that is I blog as part of my everyday activity. While my knowledge on both the institute and these two bloggers at the start of the war was very limited, here's what I could assimilate after the haze cleared.

While I shall refrain from making any comments on the institute, I have developed lot of respect for these bloggers who have been righteous by standing up for what they believed is the truth and for being bold in not succumbing to pressure in their fight for free will.

The decision to speak out and the discretion to express is one's own birthright... And when that is questioned, is it not natural for all those directly and indirectly affected to join hands... And here I am extending my little hands for this movement :o)))

The whole of Tamil Nadu chanted "Sentamizh naadenum pothiniley" in their protest against English invasion here.

The whole of India shouted "Vande Maatharam" to show their solidarity.

And so, when I thought what I can possibly frame to show my fellowship to this movement, this is what I came out with :o)

Maybe you're wrong, just makin big noise,
playin with our rights, gonna go busted some day,
You are low on your ways,
that's disgrace,
we're kickin your name all over the place.

We will we will blog you
we will we will blog you.

Buddy, we are big team, strong team,
waging with our words, gonna give you some sense some day,
we got lead on the race,
just in case,
you didn't know you'd lose in few days.

We will we will blog you
we will we will blog you.

P.S. You may replace the word "Blog" in the above lines with whatever you think that deems fit.