GAJINI - My say

My suggestion to Nayantara
Aerobics in the morning, acting classes in the evening and a proper diet in between, just in case you are keen on not joining the league of Mumtaj or Namita.

My word of appreciation for Surya
Keep it up. You are now one more rare addition to my list of favorite actors.

My request to Harris Jayaraj
It’s difficult to listen to dialogues with both ears closed. So, if you can increase the level of harmony in your BGM and reduce the decibel intensities, I would be lot happier. You don’t need a Goutham Menon to compose good music. So, let us get to hear more such “Oru maalais” and “Sutum vizhis”.

My question to AR Murugadoss
You had a star cast. You had a gripping storyline. You had two super hit songs. You had given the movie necessary hype. You had a riveting first half in the movie. But, why did you have to let me down in the subsequent half?

My thoughts about the story
I did not write it down and I pretty much forgot everything 15 mins after I walked out of the theatre.

My assessment of the movie
There are negatives. But the positives definitely outshine them.

Saving the best for the last…
My admiration for the phenomenon called ASIN

Can’t you figure out? Am mesmerized. Am enthralled. Am bowled over. And so am speechless (or should I say wordless?)