It all started with a Yawn.
And so I fell horizontal.
Quite naturally began to doze off.
The zzzz slowly changed into a snore.
I went into a deep slumber.
Saw wood and dead log I became.

By the time I woke up, I could only manage to grumble.
“Sigh ! There goes another wasted weekend”

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  1. Somu,
    Nice snap, btw these days, myself and my daugther are enjoying company a kitten named "Tina" by my daughther...Tina stays in complex where we are put up....


  2. I Couldnt have imagined anything better :)nice pic

  3. tats d best way i think one can spend a weekend...

  4. good pic... but don't understand why is it wasted???

  5. Thats what happens in most of my weekends... But last week it was diff...

  6. every weekend is the same!

    Get sambharred!!!
    Filtered by sambhar....

  7. weekends are meant to be wasted.. good night! :)

  8. @Sunil
    I just love kittens too. Infact I had too of them few years back. I picked them up from the road. But then they were so under nourished I was scared something might happen. So, after about a month's time I gave them away to bluecross. :o)

    Nothing can be more blissful right ? :o)

    Oh yeah... and look at me... feeling guilty about the whole thing.

    The punakutti pic was symbolic... Am told that am just as cute when am asleep and even when otherwise... tsk tsk.

    Actually, considering it was not a cat nap, the pic was a mis fit for this post :o)

    I know what you did last weekend... And I wish every weekend is just as fun for you.

    I did all that. So, I should'nt be feeling bad, right ?

    Thanks... after all these reinforcing comments, I do not feel guilty about a wasted weekend.
    Good morning :o)

  9. Adada somu, idhukku poi ipadi feel panreeye ma...Enjoy maadi

  10. @JB
    Enjoy maaditein !!! Feelings have disappeared ;o)

  11. Cute cat... even while sleeping....

  12. @Ram
    Intha punaiyum paal kudikumaangara maathiri thoonguthu paarungalein :o)


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