Long live Gaurav, long live Rashmi !

Some quotes from here:

"Amongst all nations of the world perhaps the maximum abuse of democracy by individuals (rich/famous/politicians) takes place in India. When a senior Labour Party leader in UK is caught in a sex scandal, he accepts, apologises and resigns. No one in the US, UK or Japan who is caught red handed in some case of corruption ever denies it. The assumption of course is that the public is intelligent enough to see the truth behind, say, a Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka or a Rajat Sharma’s India TV sting operation. In India of course we are shameless. Shamelessly, they came the very next day after the Tehelka episode, with ludicrous and shameless claims of falsely doctored tapes, assuming I guess that the public remains perpetually drunk and can’t see the most evident truth. Surprisingly the media (which often gives an impression of being perpetually drunk) did give these statements enough coverage to make the entire episode look confusing for the masses. In days to come the shameless were seen giving interviews in celebrity chat shows and were given high visibility through the peep show pages (read page 3) of leading dailies. But of course the matter didn’t end at that. The shameless went further shamelessly behind Tehelka, and rest as they say, is history. And history has a habit of repeating itself."

Is history not repeating itself yet again ? And look who is talking about abuse of democracy in India. Who is the shameless and who is Tehelka in the current context?

"Final analysis: I read the Tehelka newspaper regularly. It is as bold and as revealing as ever. Every issue has some revelations that leave me shocked. India TV might also mature up to more serious issues in times to come, once the eyeballs have settled down. But does it matter? Can they change India? No. Not until they have betrayers in their own community. Not until journalists from other media houses take up the issues they bring forward and take it forcefully to the public. Till then I only hope that many more Tehelka’s and many more India Tv’s come up and make hell out of the lives of the shameless creeps who occupy public space. It was supposed to be the job of the newspaper that you are reading right now. Sad that the market forces don’t allow them to mess up with the rich (their advertisers) and the politicians (who can mess up their basic existence). Till the time they do their jobs properly... Long live Tehelka! Long Live India TV!"

Going by the same viewpoint, should we/he/and everyone else not be saying, long live Gaurav ! Long live Rashmi? After all, just like how the author hoped, did they not come up and make hell out of the lives of the creeps? Preachers don't practise eh ?

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