If only men can...

Overheard this conversation while waiting for the elevator:

Guy: Hi, good morning, how are u doing?
Babe: Am fine thanks and you?
Guy: ** Extends his hand as if to shake hands with her **
Babe: ** Surprised and extends her hand too **
Guy: Today is my Birthday
Babe: Oh Many more happy returns of the day.

Remember she is a babe? And so most of our eyes (how shameless) were on her and so all our ears (close to 10 pairs) were glued onto this interesting conversation.

Guy: So when are you going to give me a treat?
Babe: Oh yeah. Am kind of busy today. Will let you know.

And she was only glad the elevator came down finally. They parted ways.

Overheard inside the elevator:

Babe: What’s wrong with him?
Her friend: Ha ha! I think he has something for you.
Babe: It’s his birthday and he is asking me for a treat.
Her friend: How shameless.

Well I only wished I were working in one of the top floors. I had to get down while they were still talking.

Well, maybe his intentions were genuine. But the ploy only turned out to be tactless. Hmm if only men can read the mind of a woman…

After 4 long years, I have finally moved onto take over a different role at work. Know what that means?

New team.
More responsibilities.
Lots to do.
Less time.
New boss.
And the worst...
No more laptop.

Which means less time and limited resources to keep posting as often as I used to do :o((((