Did it live up to the hype ?

Ok. Am a crazy fan on Illayaraja. Even in the era of AR Rehman, IR's songs have not lost its sheen to me. The long drives and the lonely nights in the company of his melodies always enthrall and entertain me.

And so, NEP was something I have been looking forward to. IR, joining hands with Gautham Menon, is sure to spin some mesmerizing music. Or so I thought. 

Now, after few times of listening to the songs, I can either pretend to LOOOOOVE the songs just for the IR factor, or accept the truth and move on. That is not to deny that the music is good. Just good it is. The teaser featuring Neethaane en Pon Vasantham or the Kanmani Anbodu scores only seem like a marketing gimmick. It created an  anticipation in the kind of music that would eventually be rendered. Unfortunately, I do not know if the album was able to meet the hype that was always surrounding it. But for sure I can say that it did not meet my expectations.

P.S. If there was any music director who should have never ventured into singing, it is Yuan Shankar Raja. And Not sure why GVM would insist on featuring him. That was suicidal.