Barfi for oscars ?

Barfi  - The oscar choice
I feel the Indian oscar committee has always had a distorted view of which movie should represent India and which should not. In all these years, only three movies made it to the top five and that speaks a lot about their judgement.

The disappointment on the choice of Barfi (not because the movie is not oscar worthy, but because it is lifted in parts) should only be directed towards the deciding authorities and not on the film maker who has all the while been open about drawing inspirations. 

Anurag Basu has a point when he says that the alleged inspiration / plagiarism would have not come to light if not for his blatant interviews (much before the release of the movie) citing those specific inspirations.

There is a reason why movies like Vazhakku En or any other movie with a strong Indian flavor should be the frontrunners for Oscar. These are movies that draw inspiration from real life instances that no world cinema would have ever portrayed.