The pleasure of living in the outskirts

It has been quite some fun at home of late. With all the garden plants growing pretty wild in the balcony, a little pigeon has made a humble abode out of the cozy and shady space the outgrowth had to offer. The pigeon has a lone egg that it is protecting from our prying eyes and we are trying as much as possible to not disturb it.

But then, keeping ourselves out of the balcony is next to impossible because that is the only source of ventilation for us. Every time we open the balcony, the little pigeon walks out of its hideout, flies to a spot in the terrace parapet, and keeps a watch until we are back in.

There is so much fun in watching this bird pace up and down the balcony, day and night, and guarding its egg while it is waiting to hatch. There are some cons to living in the outskirts of Chennai. But such simple pleasures sure make it all the more worth it.