Gem of a girl

When I wanted a gift, so precious and fine,
For the one I know, for all eternity, is mine,
I realized,

her dazzling cheeks, like the rose’s bud,
paled the brilliance of the Ruby’s red.
her glistening eyes, that glittering sheen,
the Emerald beheld, and turned so green.

Her luscious lips, so gentle and grand,
is the reason Kohinoor hid in a foreign land.
Her sparkling smile, making my day,
is there anything more prized? Oh no way !

Her gracious heart, its virtues untold,
nothing came close, even the purest Gold.
Her beautiful thoughts, so kind, so humane,
the allure of Platinum now looked so plain.

So now,
tell me what I can get for this gem of a girl,
who is more precious than a valuable pearl.
I can only choose something close to her glory,
something exquisite, something like Stylori.

~ Somu

P.S. This post is written as a part of Stylori Contest in association with The Chennai Bloggers Club.