Celebrate who you are with Art-ery

As the saying goes, if you can make your passion your profession, there will not be a single day in life when you will be bored to go to work. This has always struck a chord with me and comes dangling in front of me every time I struggle to get up on a Monday. The least I can do at this point is be in awe with those that believe in their conviction and take the least treaded path of following their dreams. And when it happens with someone in a closed group that you are a part of, you can only be inspired and motivated. Am not a Jewelry person, but then it is this amazing entrepreneurial spirit of Minu Marie Mathew that makes me want to write this post today.

Minu Marie Mathew  The face behind Art-ery
I think for most of us, many things start as a hobby. For many, it turns into a passion at some point. But only a few have the courage to go out of their comfort zones to make things work their way. I have never met Minu, but have always had this impression of her being this petite and pretty girl, which she is. And to know that there is creative acumen behind that façade and an artistic mind that would conceptualize a business venture makes it all the more impressive for me.

She has only recently started her line of designer jewelry called ART-ery.

From a blogger, to a hobbyist to now a passionate designer is quite a journey. I may not be the most appropriate guy to really talk about fashion and jewels and style. So hear it from the budding entrepreneur herself, 

We think your inner self is beautiful, stylish and fashionable. We don’t want to do anything to change that, we wouldn’t dare! We’re here to help you find that inner self. There’s fashion in your blood, fashion in your arteries! And that is the message behind the name ART-ery.

I most certainly identify myself with her creative self and want to heartily wish her all the best in her new found endeavor. So folks, meet the designer and check out some of her works. Also, follow the links below and take a look at all her hand made beauties.

Minu, I am a day late. But trust me, while writing about you on this very day is incidental, it personally means a lot to me. And that is something I cannot share in a public domain. So whenever I get a chance to talk to you.

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